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Spoken Word / Poetry

We believe in the power of Words!!
They make us think and bring out all kind of emotions and feelings.
This is a platform for children, parents, poets and people with positive words of encouragement that will make people stop, feel and question. 
Get in touch if you would like to work with us.

I'More Team 


Mountains of destruction surround me,
Heartache and pain on the news I see, 
Conforms of socialmedia expectations await, 
Questions of why do people notice when it's too late?

I may be small but I have a view,
If we standtogether we can start anew,
I am more than just a child
I am more than meek and mild,
See my smile and my hope you'll smile too,
Hear my thoughts and let me listen to you,
Let me show you the way I choose to play,
I have no judgement on looks in a prejudice way.

I have hope inside of me,
I can show you if you want to see,
I am more than just small,
I have the power to make my friends feel tall,
My #superpowers grow and grow,
As my happy thoughts make me glow.

Don't forget I understand,
Talk to me and take my hand,
I am #strong but sometimes need to know,
That being me is enough and standing together makes us tough,
Take a look through my eyes,
I'm not just little - I am wise.

My dreams are important and one day can be reality,
I have no limits to any degree. ✨
I am the future,
You're broken hope I can restore, 
believe I am more. ✨




So what do you see

When you look at me?

Does your mind stop reaching?

Freeing the thoughts of what you think I should be? 

I stand here before you

With the labels and stamps 

But I am more than you think 

I am curiously blank 

You paint my body with your mind's eye

Plucking prerequisites from an archaic abyss 

I am more than you; them; us

I am more than just 'this'

See, I am strength, I am fire; 

Not a wilting wallflower

Smashing through glass ceilings 

As I seek to empower 

My path possibly turbulent

Woven in strife 

Who knows what is written 

For the rest of my life?

Do your best; I'll be hard to ignore

I am hope. I am here

For I will show you; you'll see

I am more. I'more than what you wish for me 


July, 2017

what the schujj

I Am More.

You may see me as a child,

But I am more. 

I am a reminder of your past,

What you had. 

What you did. 

How time has passed. 

But I am more. 

I am a reminder of your future,

What will be. 

What we'll do. 

How we'll laugh. 

But I am more. 

I am the hope in the world,

What I'll be

What I'll do

Making my mark. 

But I am more.

Written by Cassie Parish

Gorgeous Georges Mama