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We have put together some fun activities and resources that can be done at home with your little ones, just click on the links below to download for free. These files work best when accessed and downloaded from a computer instead of a mobile. Enjoy!

-The I'More Chatterbox is a fun activity to create and play with friends, it is based on positive words and set to make some positive thinking! We also have an instruction page which can be found here

-The Growth Mindset Chart is a page full of helpful alternatives for improving the thought process. By starting with these few sentences our children will begin to see a positive change.  

- Our Positive word Wordsearch is a fun after school activity. Both stimulating their minds and yours too!!

- Our I Am Special page makes for an excellent back to school activity. It will get your children focusing on all the positive things about them. 

-Our positive Affirmation cards are the perfect tool to try and shift mindset. Simply cut them out and they are ready to be used daily. Try printing them on a sheet of thin card so they last a bit longer or even laminating them!

More affirmation cards here

-The Gratitude journal is great way to teach kids how to appreciate life, family and the world around them. The art of gratitude is best learned early in life and our gratitude journal is a great way to start.

- Check out our Colouring In Page for a positive rainy day activity you could do together. Designed to engage and empower children and will defiantly be a conversation starter. 

Please check back for more activities coming soon.

    Thank you - I'More Team.